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Founded in 2014 by entrepreneur of Itech Mobiles & Laptop Reairs is the leading high tech brand in offering express repairs of any kind of smartphones and tablets.

The concept of Itech Mobile was born out of the clear need in the market place for a trusted and specialist solution for those looking for tech repairs. While at university, we identified through his own misfortune with his smartphone that the market was completely under serviced, despite the fact that smartphones and other personal devices were becoming increasing important to our everyday lives. It was here he began his mission to create a trustworthy brand and team who could provide top quality service and quick repairs and in 2006, the very first Itech Mobile store was opened in London.

Since the opening of the first store, we have rapidly expanded to many high street, train station and shopping center locations across London and the UK, with many more planned for 2021!


UK's Leading Mobile Repair Specialist

Itech Mobile specializes in repairing every kind of smartphones and tablets including iPhone, iPad and Samsung and we pride ourselves on while you wait turnaround times, a Lifetime warranty and guaranteeing the security of your private data. Our highly trained and accredited tech repair specialists can fix the most common device faults within 30 minutes.

We can replace your screen, fix camera issues or give your battery a boost. We also offer liquid damage repair, logic board repair and data recovery. Not sure what’s wrong? Our technicians can run a diagnosis too.

With over 500,000 happy customers served to date, we have established ourselves as the UK’s leading tech repair specialists.




Looking for a fast and reliable repair service?

15 Years of experience in Smartphones & Tablet Repairs

Being the best in our field means that we are committed to every project, we have ingenious ideas that become reality and we make every client happy.

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